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Color Doppler Diagnosing System (withaccurate GPS navigation)
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  • 360Vr

This proprietary technology is a breakthrough in interventional ultrasound field (with accurate navigation). The technology allows us to preset puncturing path and angle so that the angle and direction are not limited, instantly monitoring the path and location of the needle and pinpoint, to realize out-plane real time monitor. It secures the ultrasound-guided minimally invasive operations. Hokai introduces it into many hospitals to provide supporting solutions for interventional ultrasound systems.

Clinical Application

The unique puncture with GPS navigation targets at clinical departments in hospital, such as ultrasonic diagnosis, interventional radiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, surgery (minimally invasive), oncology, general surgery, hepatic surgery, nephrology, pathology. It can be used in treatments like ultrasound-guided tumor radio frequency ablation, radioactive seed implant, needle biopsy, hydrothorax and ascites fluid puncture (for drainage or drug injection), nerve block, venipuncture, and is of great clinical significance. 

Hokai applies itself to the research and technological innovation of high-performance ultrasound diagnosing systems, providing a serial of ultrasonic devicesand interventional ultrasound (with accurate navigation) treatment plans.