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Multifunctional Injury Therapeutic Apparatus
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  • 360Vr

Intermediate Frequency Integrated Treatment Apparatus(Tradename:Multifunctional Injury Therapeutic Apparatus)


1.Clinical Scope
Used in adjuvant therapy for treating neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, traumatic osteoarthritis and muscle inflammation, peripheral neuritis, chronic soft issue strain, etc.

2.Performance Characteristics
Combines endogenous electric and high-voltage electrostatic technology with microwave diathermy; with 8 electronic prescriptions that are proved by experts clinically for orthopaedic diseases, 32 degrees of intensity adjustment and 3 levels of high-voltage electrostatic treatment; 0-100W adjustable microwave physiotherapy.

3.Sales Record
In 2007, multifunctional injury therapeutic apparatus submitted a foreign aid bid and won an order of 70 units.