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Integrated Solutions of Medical Gases
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 In the field of integrated solutions of medial gases, according to the developing objective of being the “pioneer of China’s medical gases technology and bellwether in the industry”, Hokai combines the most advanced technologies with self-research results. In 2004, Hokai started at a high point by putting forward medical molecular sieve oxygen generation system, medical central oxygen supply system, medical central suction system, medical air compression system, OR gas supply system, medial gases management and paging/intercom system, medical ceiling-rail transfusion system and medical curtain system.
  A. Conscientious Research Program
  Before implementation, Hokai takes conscientious research of the target hospitals, including their developing plans, construction scale, building layouts, equipment configurations and usage requirements, to make sure that the choice and configuration are accordant and applicable.
  B. Comprehensive System Design
  Reasonably design medical gases system and choose fittings to realize customer’s requirements of noise reduction, shock absorption and sound insulation according to the characteristics of the system and environment.
  Hokai uses reasonable design and assembly in the system.
  C. Strong Capacity of Equipment Supply
  A set of excellent medical gases system consists of several relatively independent professional devices. Hokai carefully chooses the assembly of good quality, taking full advantage of the professional function of every part. The coordinated operation has guaranteed the efficiency, security, stability and durability of the medical gases supply.
  D. Standardized Installation
  Hokai has experienced technicians in installation, strictly following the ISO quality management system. Currently, the medical gases systems are all excellent in quality, winning reputable approval of many hospitals.
  E. Professional Equipment Maintenance
After years of exploration and development in the medical market, Hokai has established a well-developed sale and service network, which includes a large sales and service team in 28 provincial areas in the country. The company has the most after service outlets with senior engineers in charge of experienced after service teams to provide prompt and all-round services. This ensures the normal operation of our instruments and provides worry-free professional service. At the moment, over 10,000 medical institutes in China are using Hokai products or services.