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At present, the world’s OR construction is constantly developing, especially in foreign countries, where the main direction is aiming at its digitization. The new-style operating theatres are multifunctional, substantially efficient and highly secure, with dynamic cleaning and environmentally protecting surgeries. In constructing an OR, the hospital must attach great importance to: (a) the overall integration and upgrading function of the system, (b) air decontamination to elevate security and lower risk of a surgery, and (c) effective cost containment (including energy consumption and maintenance fees).

Cooperating with OASYS from Canada, Hokai is trying to build up digitized clean operating department, representing a milestone in OR construction. With solutions that transcend the engineering limitations, we establish the department based on clean OR construction. The digitization-centered construction integrates medical instruments of operations in the round and realizes the whole process monitoring system, in which surgeries are the core, to form a clean operating department that is fully compatible, highly expandable, efficient and secure.
1. Objective: targeted at better operations, with building efficient, secure operating environment
2. Functions: information integration, operation teaching, expert consultation, online management, remote
3. Prospective achievements
(1) Enhance operation efficiency
Breaking the limits of traditional information exchange, surgeons are able to acquire surgery-related clinical statistics more efficiently, enhancing operation efficiency.
(2) Lift up security of treating environment
The instrument has integrated coupling, avoiding exposure of trolley, wire and cable. It also avoids invalid flow of personnel and materials, greatly reducing the chance of secondary pollution and making the OR environment cleaner and more secure.
(3) Improve operating skills
Maintain efficient communication inside and outside the OR, easily realizing the storage and retrieval of materials of expert consultation, operation teaching and rare information
(4) Expand operation scale
Remote consultation and medical treatment allow the sharing of expert information, so that the surgeries have more closed cooperation with the outside world.
(5) Strengthen management
Real-time video monitor and examination enables a more reasonable OR arrangement, avoiding the waste of labor.
(6) Reduce medical risks
Operation references including whole process and overall view of the surgeries can be used in dealing with medical disputes, reducing risks.
(7) Lower working intensity
Relieve medical personnel of lots of manual work routines, pleasing them by lowering their work intensity.
4. Clean Room Design Ideas
(1) Design Concept
Revolved around the control of operating process, we design the decontamination system with the principle of scientific, reasonable, efficient, suitable, energy-saving and secure, strictly abiding by related national standards and legal documents. In order to build up comprehensive platforms for our customers, we construct harmonious medical environments with advanced design concepts in the world, according to the actual needs of different customers.
(2) Design Key Points
A. Dynamic cleaning: targeted at better operations, instead of simple project execution
B. Infection control: scientific and reasonable arrangement – cleaner distributary and effective sterilization design – ensures the control over infection
C. Energy-saving operation: reasonable purified air conditioner design and energy-saving operations mutually reduce the cost to a lower level
(3) Material Selection and Construction
All-dimensional design and diverse materials are in accordance with the requirements of a cleanroom; construct according to national standard specifications and always seek for better construction.
5. Packaged Surgical Equipment
(1) Objective
Digitized clean operation system integrates and controls the system information of medical instruments. With the installation of the packaged equipment, the system works more smoothly, in which the assorted instruments have coordinate cooperation and data disposal.
(2) Scope
The whole package includes operating bed, ceiling supply units, shadowless lamp, monitor, breathing machine, anesthesia machine, artificial heart and lung machine, electrotome, endoscope instrument and C-arm. We assign different products to every hospital according to their surgical types.
Hokai’s solutions to the construction of digitized clean operating department are nationally advanced, getting the most out of the highly developed foreign technologies and geared to the international constructing direction. The construction is beneficial for the enhancement of the hospital’s surgical treatment and management level, in which the resource sharing provides a reliable founding platform for the further development of medical treatment.
6. After Sale Service
With nationwide after-sale service network, Hokai solves related problems of our customers quickly, safely and efficiently.