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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) System
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(Figure: ICU Medical Instruments System)

a. Fuction:
Providing a secure and reliable treating platform and an all-dimensional treatment place for patients, improving the brand image of the hospital; constructing according to the “Clean Operating Department Construction Standards” GB50333-2002 and “Military Hospital Construction Standards”

b. Subdivided Projects:

1. Decorations – including decorations of floor, wall and ceiling.

2. Gas engineering – including medical equipment area, ceiling supply units and medical gases pipeline

3. Electrical engineering – including electric power system, medical lighting system, socket, switch, and auxiliary power system for purified air conditioning equipment

4. Light-current engineering – including intelligent control system, telephone, network, building control system, chain fire signaling, camera surveillance and network system

5. Air conditioning purification system – including air conditioning purification equipment, high-efficiency filter, sterilization system, laminar air-flow supply duct system, cold/hot air resource system, air supply/return vent system, auto-control system and intelligent temperature/humidity control system

6. Water supply & drainage system – including medical living water and aqua sterilisata system exclusively for basin in clean system (cold/hot water pipe system) 

7. Medical instruments system – including ceiling supply units, sickbed, anesthesia machine, breathing machine, electrocardiograph, incubator, refrigerated cabinet and monitor 

8. Medical Paging/Intercom System – including medical intercom machine and paging system equipped in medical equipment area