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Hokai’s Digitized OR
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a. Characteristics
Clinging to demand; advanced technology; flexible configuration; facing the future; remote demonstration; user-friendly design; simplification

b. Function

1. Operation Information Station: acquisition of patient information, including HIS data, PACS images and vital signs

2. Video Communication: HD AV signal transmission; transmitting images (as high as DVD quality) via standard IP network; immediate interaction in PC browsers; two-way video calls

3. Computer-Integrated Remote Control: touch-screen operation realizes large-screen control, patient information retrieval, panorama camera control, video window start-up and recording

4. Recording & Storage: AVI/MPEG recording; TB grade HDD mass storage; supporting DICOM standard format

5. Image Display & Allocation: the display, switch and allocation of video and image; supporting multichannel video and VGA signal input/output; supporting HD signal

6. Remote Consultation & Teaching: experts outside the hospital can view real-time operating process to communicate or teach.