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Hokai PACS
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According to different demand and application environment, Hokai PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) uses different product configuration to realize mini PACS and FullPACS in accordance with DIOCM and HL7 standards.

(1)  Mini PACS

Supporting patient information retrieve from the HIS, checking appointment status and confirming the patient arrival status.

Supporting the storage, management and reading digital images of CT, MRI, CR, DR, RF, DSA

Supporting report template management and layout customized

Supporting the film layout

Supporting online image access, available for other clinical departments retrieving image from web



(2)  Full PACS

With all features of Mini PACS

Supporting the storage, management and display of all conventional images in radiology and other departments, including CT, MRI, CR, DR, RF, DSA, ECT, PET, US, endoscopic and pathological images

Supporting three-dimensional reconstruction of CT, MRI and other tomographic images, users are able to view tomographic images at arbitrary angles.

Supporting the feature of UIS(Ultrasound Information System).

With telemedicine education feature, it can be used in assisting the research and teaching activities in the hospital.

With flexible interface, it’s convenient to connect with other systems in the hospital.

Hokai continuously develops its software to provide these features above, enabling the end-users to experience more convenient and powerful medical information systems.