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External High Frequency Thermo-therapeutic Apparatus
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  • 360Vr

HG-2000Ⅲ External High Frequency Thermo-therapeutic Apparatus


on-invasive, painless, non-interventional regional treatment; assisting radio- and chemo- therapy; sensibilized and synergistic; remarkably relieve refractory cancer pain


1)Clinical Scope
Associated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, used in adjuvant therapy for liver and bladder cancers

2)Clinical Advantages
Non-invasive, painless, non-interventional; easy for patient to receive; easy to be used in clinically

High frequency penetration depth reaches 25 cm, suitable for all kinds of tumors of all depths

High frequency adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy; sensibilized and synergistic; realize “one plus one is greater than two”

Remarkably relieve refractory cancer pain, evident effect in treating malignant pleural effusion

3)Technical Advantages
Adopt the most advanced control software (with software company authentication and registration of software products); equipped with complete case management system and printing function

Unique water-bag design to prevent skin burn, enhance high frequency penetration depth and helps the coupling of power output

The most advanced R-shaped transformer to accurately match the system and maintain stable output

Use double shielding technology of anti-EMI and anti-current interference

Equipped with large, medium and small sized polar plates, which can be used in different parts according to the size of the tumor

Equipped with accurate multipath measuring system to monitor real time treatment temperature

With reliable safety protection and alarm system, especially when computer suffers from virus, halted system or interference; greatly enhance the reliability of the instrument; allow manual emergent shutdown