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Millimeter Wave Therapy Instrument
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lZL-2003ⅡMillimeter Wave Therapy Instrument


Effectively enhance body’s self-antineoplastic capability

1)Clinical Scope

Used in adjuvant therapy for cancer pain and other accompanying clinical symptoms

2)Clinical Advantages
Effectively relieve cancer pain; less side effects, drug tolerance and dependence brought by acesodyne

Effectively enhance patient’s living quality by curing associated cancer symptoms: refractory hiccup, weakness and hypodynamia, lack of appetite and dyscoimesis

Less toxicity caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, enhancing immunity and protecting patient’s peripheral blood

Diminish inflammation and detumescence, enhance the cure of radiotherapy injuries

3)Technical Advantages
Obtaining national invention patent; high-tech; doctors can conduct intensive study into theoretical and clinical research to get innovative result

Adopt multiple types of millimeter wave to take synergistic effect; the energy-cohesive millimeter waves bring special curative effects at the level of micro molecules and even lower levels

Different modes and menus target at different diseases for medical staff to choose, convenient and practical operation

Different background music for different diseases; harmonious melody helps to take away patient’s negative feelings and relieve pressure to reach better curative effect

4)Clinical Case(1)



Treatment group: 30 patients; simultaneous conventional chemotherapy; select Wuyi and Zusanli as acu-points in first 5 days, Guanyuan and Xuehai in the last 5; 30 minutes radiotherapy once a day; 10 days form a course

Control group: 2.0g of vitamin C, 3g of vitamin B60 and IVD

Observation target: peripheral white blood cells, platelet, erythrocyte, hemoglobin and living quality before and after treatment

Peripheral blood conventional comparison before and after treatment


Comparison between two groups

【1】 余南生,谢鸿寿,陆克亮,等. IZL_2003免疫治疗系统穴位辐照对恶性肿瘤放化疗减毒作用的观察[J].安徽中医学院学报,2007,26(1):33-35