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Coelom Hyperthermia Perfusion Apparatus
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HGGZ-1O2 Coelom Hyperthermia Perfusion Apparatus


An effective solution using new technology to cancerous


1)Clinical Scope

For thermal physical therapy for cancerous ascites of celiac or peritoneal cancer metastasis.

2) Clinical Advantages

The tumor-killing function of regional high-concentration chemotherapeutics: regionally, it provides bulky high-concentration chemotherapeutic drugs, expands the treating area and effective time of the drugs in the cavity and makes up for the deficiency of regular regional chemotherapy.

Constant perfusion and wash-out of liquid medicine can clear the celiac residual cancer cells, treat primary tumors of the thorax and abdomen to some degree and evidently treat clinical malignant pleural effusion.Chemotherapy drugs with localized high concentrations that: HGGZ-102 supplies local, large volume and high-concentration chemotherapy chemicals inside the body cavity to expand the treatment area and effective time, so it can compensate for the insufficient of conventional local chemotherapy

Chemotherapy chemicals rinses continuously, clearing intraperitoneal residue tumor cells. It has therapeutic effect on thoracic cavity primary tumors, and significantly on cancerous effusion.

3) Technological Advantage


High-accuracy multi-access temperature sensor and computer multi-point temperature control;

Inductive liquid heating (even heating), without liquid contamination;

Multiple treatment modes for doctors to choose according to different conditions of patients;

Computer dynamic control in whole course;

Multiple safety control functions;

Key-step operational tips and elaborate instructions, greatly enhancing the accuracy and safety of operations;

Convenient handwriting input and touchscreen keyboard that can provide information for the system accurately and quickly;

Comprehensive data recording which is convenient for parameter retrieval in the treatment process.