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SoniX SP
SonixSP color ultrasonic diagnostic and puncture navigation system
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Sonix SP color ultrasonic diagnostic and puncture navigation system


The only ultrasonic system can guide puncture in real time with GPS in this industry.

1) Clinical scope
The malignant solid tumor of whole body except head part.


2) Clinical advantages

The only ultrasonic system with GPS which can real-time guide RFA puncture.

A safe and convenient and fast ultrasound guided puncture platform which can independently carry out RFA operation.

High safety in treatment and puncture, operation time is short, quick effect.

Simple operation, accurate positioning.

Widely used in all kinds of solid tumors in human body with good curative effect.



3) Technological advantages

Spatial compound imaging technology.

EPI extended pulse reversal imaging technology.

Pulse inversion harmonic imaging technology.

Clarity speckle suppression technique.



4) Patented SonixGPS Technology

Preset the path and angle of puncture, improve the puncture accuracy and efficiency

Puncture is no longer restricted by the angle and direction and body position, the clinical operation is simple and convenient.

Real-time monitoring of the puncture needle and the needle position, that can improve the accuracy and safety of puncture.

The real-time needle information about out-of-plane can reduce the restriction of body position and the difficulty of puncture.