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Cooled Electrode Radio-frequency Tumor Therapeutic Apparatus
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HGCF-3000 Cooled Electrode Radio-frequency Tumor Therapeutic Apparatus


Latest technology: tumor radiofrequency ablation with a water-cooled electrode



1)Clinical Scope
For liver cancer, whose tumor diameter less than 3cm

2)Clinical Advantages

Large ablation range: the instrument controls its RF voltage and electrode temperature to expand the ablation range during the operation. A larger tumor can be ablated by multiple courses in a short time with one electrode.

Quickly effective: a treatment less than 10 minutes can ablate the tumor.

Small-sized trauma: the instrument supplies repeatable minimally invasive treatments for less injuries, less pains and faster recovery. And it sets a stage for multimodality treatmetns.

Wide scope: applicable in assorted tumors, including unresectable ones

Secure: during the operation, tissues around the electrode tip won’t be carbonized, and the puncture path will be heat up after the operation, for less bleeding and preventing metastasis.

Eutherapeutic: antigen forms after tumor tissue necrosis, enhancing immunity


3)Technical Advantages

Real time monitoring of tissue temperature: the instrument collects temperature data from the sensor located at electrode, for controlling output voltage and temperature, to depress resistance, avoid tissue carbonization and expand ablation range.

Individualized treatment: the instrument will adjust its injection flow, output voltage and curative time accordingly, setting up clinically suitable curative mode to reach best ablation treatment.

Secure withdrawal of electrode: the instrument automatically prompts after treatment; when withdrawing electrode, it heats up the puncture path to seal off the path and prevent implantation metastasis and path bleeding.

Seamless electrode: the electrode incorporates a seamless tip, a seamless bar and a user-friendly handle, for easier operations and smaller traumas.

Extremely fine electrode bar: the bar is 16G or 18G incorporating a sharp tip for easier puncturing and smaller traumas.

User-friendly operative handle: the handle and the connecting wire is separated; the soft wire integrated liquid passage and electrical passage supplies convenient operations.

Smooth and clear scale mark: the electrode surface are processed by using advanced engraved ring technology, so the scale marks are clear and the surface is smooth; these features make operations convenient.

Secure and convenient air exhaust operation: the liquid passage incorporates one-way Luer connectors to help doctors exhaust.

Friendly GUI : the software operation is easy, the electrode temperature is real-time displayed on the dual LCD and automatically record.


4)Clinical Case 

67 year-old male, dull pain in abdomen for a month and no other discomfort. Abdominal CT diagnoses as primary liver cancer.


 Abdominal CT shows a 4*3 cm tumor.


After radiofrequency ablation, CT evidently shows the tumor necrosis.


In reexamination, according to CT image, the tumor has 4*4*4 low-density lesions; necrosis in most parts of the tumor after ablation.