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Radioactive Seed Treatment Planning System
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HGGR-2000 Radioactive Seed Treatment Planning System


Product: Intracorporeal Gamma Knife

accurate, low-dose and constant tumor-interstitial radiotherapy


1)Clinical Scope
Used with scanner and computer after the plan of radiotherapy within the tumor is confirmed

2)Clinical Advantages

Guided by CT or ultrasound imaging equipment, implant 125I particles via percutaneous puncturing to conduct interstitial radiotherapy and kill tumor cells.

Effective compliment of surgeries, kill tumor cells by implanting 125I particles into the unresectable tumors (or parts of tumor).

  TPS (Treatment Planning System) accurately reconstructs a 3D imaging to externalize tumors, so that the implanted seeds will be precisely located. The seeds’ quantity and path are specially designed to avoid important organs and sensitive tissues, fulfilling the requirement that the plan should be proposed with reified and individualized drug dose.

Accurate, low-dose, constant tumor-interstitial radiotherapy, universally used in clinical application, applicable for tumor (<6cm) therapy in all parts (including head)

Comprehensively used in saving appearances and functions (like mastocarcinoma, carcinoma of prostate, etc.)

With high frequency thermotherapy, intracorporeal gamma knife is used in interstitial radiotherapy to effectively solve the problem of resisting radiation to receive better treatment effect and realize multimodality treatment.

The operation is minimally invasive, accurately conducting radiotherapy to the tumor without contaminating the peripheral tissues and environment.


3)Technical Advantages

Supporting assorted formats of access to iconography data, it allows users to input “Dicom format”, “film scanning” and “general format” via Internet, scanner and USB to meet different clinical needs. We integrate PACS in TPS software, so that it’s more efficient to directly access to online CT, B-us and MRI images.

Assorted arrangements of radioactive sources: the system provides 5 arrangements, including single-particle, linear, rectangle, template and fan-shaped formations, realizing manual or automatic radioactive seeds arrangement; strong feasibility to meet clinical needs

Unique fan-shaped formation: precisely design the location, distance and angle of seeds implant, realizing conformal radiotherapy; strong feasibility; substantially achieve the goal of integrated minimally invasive surgery plan and treatment


125particle covered with Titanium alloy compatible with human issues, non-absorbing, non-repellent

the half-life of  125 particle is 59.6 days; low-energy, low-activity radioactive source; always buried in special container so that operator can’t have contact with the particle, more secure


4)Clinical Case
Case Study: 64-year-old male. Relapsed 1 year after tumor resection and postoperative chemotherapy. Afterintracorporeal gamma knife treatment (minimally invasive), the rumor substantially dwindled in a month’s time and the therapeutic effect was significant. Greatly enhanced patient’s living quality and prolonged his life expectancy.

Before operation


1 month after operation