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As a good citizen, Hokai is honest and trustworthy to customers, employees, shareholders and society. The Company has fulfilled its social responsibility and actively contributed to the community. Since its inception in 1996, Hokai has uphold the integrity of management and has won the titles of Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness, the A-class Taxpayers, Zhuhai City Tax Contributions Top 100 Enterprises issued by government departments many times.


In 2003, during the outbreak of SARS, Hokai has donated 150 thousand, 1.02 million RMB worth of medical equipment to the Zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau and the Ministry of Health. Among them, hypothermia treatment instrument played a positive role in the fight against SARS. The chairman of the Company, Hao Zhenxi, has been awarded the titles of “Advanced workers against SARS” and "Fighter against atypical pneumonia, Merit Citation Class II” by Zhuhai City and Guangdong provincial government successively.


In 2007, Hokai established the project of “Yixiang Oncology Special Funds” with China Charity Federation and has donated one million RMB for underprivileged tumor patients.


In 2008, facing the sudden devastating earthquake in Sichuan, Hokai donated 200 thousand in cash and 2 million worth of medical equipment and goods for the disaster areas in the first place.


After the earthquake in Qinghai Yushu in 2010, Hokai donated 100 thousand in cash and 900 thousand RMB worth of equipment, including 10 microwave apparatus and 10 IF static therapeutic apparatus, sending their love to disaster-hit areas.


Hokai has launched donation activities for enterprise workers in difficulty and vulnerable groups in society, giving love and care to companies and the society and highlighting corporate social responsibility and caring for people in need.