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In accordance to the management philosophy of “we do everything to create values for customer”, the Company will stick to the starting point of the product quality as enterprise dignity, has always been committed to building the well-known brand of China's medical and health industry and to the development to be a domestic healthcare industry leader.


In the next three years, the Company will rely on their core competitiveness to enhance the technological innovation and business development capabilities in an all-round way and continue to strengthen its leadership in the business segments of national Tumor minimally invasive therapy equipment and medical molecular sieve oxygen and engineering, achieve rapid development in the medical field of digitized images, and strive to build the company into a first-class integral solution provider in the medical device industry of the country.


Relying on the country’s new medical reform and industrial development policies, the Company will fully integrate resources and actively expand the product line in the existing strong marketing network and customer resources platform to fully meet the needs of customers. On one hand, we will comprehensively improve the R & D capabilities of the Technical Research Centre, and make efforts to build national enterprise technology R & D center in the field of medical equipment. On the other hand, Hokai will continue to expand the product range and scale, and strive to grow into the largest medical equipment supplier.


In terms of marketing, the Company will give full play to the market advantage obtained in the minimally invasive treatment of tumors and medical molecular sieve oxygen equipment and engineering, while adhering to the marketing concept based on academic promotion and building multiple sales model and three-dimensional marketing systems with effective complementation. Hokai will take sub-line marketing management as an opportunity to strengthen the marketing team building and to enhance the degree of specialization of marketing management. We focus on expanding the marketing network at home and abroad to promote the company's brand strategy and the progressive realization of Hokai’s international brand, so as to continuously improve the market share of existing products and new products, and to ensure the sustained rapid growth of its performance.


In order to meet the needs of business development, the Company will introduce all kinds of talents on demand based on the existing staff and optimize the personnel structure, focus on the introduction of technical personnel with practical experience and ability, marketing personnel, management personnel and capital operation personnel. The Company will also actively explore the establishment of performance evaluation system and the corresponding incentive mechanism with long lasting attractiveness to diverse talents, which makes the human resource stable so as to achieve its sustainable development and thus establish a team of high-quality personnel.


To achieve sustainable development, the Company will inspect small and medium-sized enterprises that have technical or market advantages in the healthcare industry and prepare a number of mergers and acquisitions of enterprises with certain scale and good growth potential through investment holding and equity participation in the future, which will play an important role in expanding production scale, lowering production costs, as well as the perfection of technical level and the improvement of market share.