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 Hokai is the leader in the field of domestic tumors minimally invasive treatment technology and equipment. Since its inception in 1996, adhering to the management philosophy of "we do everything to create value for customers", the Company has been intensively focusing on the domestic medical equipment market.Through a constant independent research and development and technological innovation, we have developed into a leading integrated medical equipment, technology and service providers, with products and business covering multiple areas of tumor minimally invasive treatment, medical gases and decontamination, medical imaging, conventional treatment, bio-electronics and overall hospital building.At presentHokaihas established 28 branches across the country and built a broad and stable cooperation relationship with nearly ten thousand medical institutions, providing customers with a full range of after-sales service and technical support.


Hokai is committed to creating a famous brand of Chinese Healthcare Industry. On October 26, 2011, Hokai was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In the next three years, Hokai will rely on their core competitivenessto enhance the technological innovation, business development capabilities in an all-round way and establishits leadership in the business segments of national tumor minimally invasive therapy equipment and medical molecular sieve oxygen, and will achieve a breakthrough in the basic digitized image remote diagnosis project, striving to build the company into a domestic first-class medical overall solution provider.


In order to meet the needs of diversified business development, Hokai will introduce all kinds of talents on demand based on the existing staff and optimize the personnel structure, focus on the introduction of technical personnel with practical experience and ability, marketing personnel, management personnel and capital operation personnel. Hokai will also actively explore the establishment of performance evaluation system and the corresponding incentivemechanism with long lasting attractiveness to diverse talents, which makes the human resources stable so as to achieve its sustainable development and thus establish a team of high-quality personnel.