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Hokai stressestalents, dedication and hard work of each employee and offersthem very competitive salaries and benefits. With the company's development and growth, Hokai will continue to improve the welfare and security system, so that employees and the enterprisecould share the fruits of successin the common development.

Major parts of the current remuneration packageof Hokai are as follows:

1. Basic salary + performance salary + longevity wages + special allowance + skills subsidies;

2.Pension, medical, work injury, maternity, unemployment insurance and housing accumulation fund;

3.Huge year-end bonuses;

4.5 working days per week, 7.5 working hours per day;

5.Free work meals;

6.Free commuting buses for employees or transportation subsidies provided by the company;

7.Paid annual leave; marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave etc.; reimbursement of traffic expenses for visiting relatives;

8.Holiday comfortingwelfare;

9. Staff mutual-aid fund system;

10.Rich in community activities;

11.Excellent performance leads to hukous (Chinese household-registration documents) transfer to Zhuhai;

12 Outstanding staff can acquire option motivation of the company.