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 Hokai holds the talent concept that we need talents with moral integrity and work capacity.


Over a decade, Hokaihas always been adhering to the concept of “seeking harmony in life and seeking betterment in work“to maintain a positive view of the work, regarding “to love career, love life, love family, and enjoy every single morsel of happiness during the process as the immutable pursuit of Hokai.



Hokai has realized talent-post matching thanks to mature personnel screening system. Employees can plan their career in the technology, marketing, and management positions, at the same time, Hokai attached great importance to the complex development of talent to help employees achieve their goals in life.


Training System

Hokai has established complete staff training and development system and built a strong team of internal trainers. Considering the company’s operational needs, Hokai sets up a series of rich personalized internal and external training courses each year, which ensures the continuous learning of employees at work and thus makes Hokai a learning organization.


(1) Induction Training

Hokaibelievesthat humble personalityand professional performance of talents is the most important assets of Hokai. The Company has openedcourses for new employees involving corporate culture,positionsexplanation, workflowand system learning so that theycan feel refreshedand inspired.


(2) Management and Professional Training

Attraction, cultivation and enhancing the overall quality of staff are the responsibility of Hokai. Hokaitraining school insists on the combination of internal and external training for employees in order to provide them with different types of courses including cutting-edge technology and research and development, workshop skills training, production management, quality management, , human resources management for non-human resources department.

If you are a new staff from R & D, technology or marketing department, our strong research and development, technology or marketing team will have someone on your one-on-one guidance. In the aspect of training mode, Hokai pays more attention to the on-site teaching and learning than the mere in-class instruction.



As far as job promotion is concerned, Hokaiemphasizes internal competition mode for talent selection. The promotion platform is open, fair and transparent.No matter you are in what position, Hokai will provide you with enough space for development and improvement.

Hokai is where you can maximize your potential!